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Want to move on with more confidence?

This divorce has left you feeling lonely, lost in your quest for answers, and searching for a clear path to divorce recovery where you can feel good about yourself again. What you're feeling has a purpose and needs the proper solution to get you back on your feet.

Perhaps you’ve tried dating again, only to realize that you’re not ready to get back out there. You’ve passed hours venting to friends and family over bottles of wine, but that still doesn’t resolve the loneliness you feel. This divorce recovery website created by Dawn Wiggins will help you to heal your life with the right support and guidance.

You can heal your life with the right divorce recovery support and guidance.


You’ve lost sight of who you are. This is what happens when you value someone else’s version of you over your own truth. The true you is buried under the pain of rejection and you need to discover your worth.


Divorce has shattered your confidence, leaving you shaken and uncertain. If you don’t trust your judgment, you can’t make real and impactful choices. Healing after a divorce requires faith in your ability to enact positive change.


Often, divorce is the final straw that results from years of smaller issues building up. History is bound to repeat itself if you don’t gain a clear understanding of why you’re here. You can’t move on if you don’t know what you’re moving on from.


Knowing what to avoid or change is half the battle. Following a failed marriage, vicious cycles tend to repeat themselves if you don’t put in the work to end them. Real progress can be made once old habits are broken.


Your ability to trust has been severely damaged. There’s no chance of having a healthy relationship in the future if you can’t rely on your intuition and awareness. Saying goodbye to the constant doubt gives you the freedom to love again truly.


Feelings of anger and resentment tend to linger after divorce. When you’re still mad, your judgment is clouded, preventing you from making good choices. By making peace with the past, you give yourself permission to positively move forward.

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Get Out Of The Divorce Funk Using Guided Journaling

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Let’s get past divorce to discover your new level of happiness, confidence, and purpose...TOGETHER!

Going through my own divorce, I quickly figured out that just talking about my pain wasn't enough to resolve it. Then one day I discovered the power of Guided Journaling. This is why I created The Post Divorce Roadmap...an empowering 3-week journaling system that dramatically shortcuts the path from post-divorce blur to an optimistic, purposeful, more confident YOU. I've broken down each guide, and they can be consumed in less than 10 minutes a day, so you too can become part of the Moving On Movement.

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hi, i'm dawn

Divorcé, Momma, Therapist, Coach

I've spent the bulk of my career as a licensed marriage & family therapist and EMDR therapist in Florida. Over the last couple of years, I've gathered up all the most important healing tools and put them in a place where I can share them with you...and I can't wait to get to know you better.

Dawn Wiggins with husband and daughter
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Dawn Wiggins with her daughter, smiling into the camera

I began this divorce recovery work because I’ve seen so many people destroyed by divorce when I KNOW it can be a catalyst to your best life. (I've even experienced it myself, along with infertility struggles.) My mission is to help people heal so they can break the cycle and experience love and belonging. It would be my honor to help you on your journey.

You might have landed on my website because you’re struggling with codependency, loneliness, grief, anxiety or intimacy.

Or you might not even realize what brought you here. We’ve all heard the saying it’s just the tip of the iceberg, right? Just as the majority of the mass of the iceberg lies below the surface, so do most of our emotions and behavioral patterns. We heal through knowing in a deep, meaningful way, and once we become aware, once we know, then we can apply. And we can do or undo (which is usually just as important). And we can shift.

There's no better time than now to overcome your struggle.


You are worth every minute and every ounce of work that you put into your divorce recovery. This divorce doesn’t have to define who you are. Your marriage failed, but that doesn’t make you a failure. The weight of divorce can be heavy and shouldering it yourself can feel all-consuming, isolating and terribly burdensome.

Divorce is a substantial and significant loss, and sometimes it’s hard to see outside of the raw emotion you’re feeling. That’s where bringing in someone like me to lift you out of the fog and to help you heal is the best choice you can make for yourself. You don’t need to figure this out on your own.

The path to healing takes time. But you don't have to put your life on hold, and you don't have to do it alone.

I know you are struggling to believe in your worth. Part of you is in shock that this could have happened to you. And, part of you is devastated that they could just leave. It's hard to imagine how you could ever truly love or be loved the way you want again.

When your marriage ended, your life as you knew it ended. Marriage, and now divorce, have held your focus for so long, and now that it’s over, it feels impossible to know what’s next.

There are so many new decisions and responsibilities you’re having to make on your own for the first time in so long, and you have no idea where to start. The trauma of your divorce has you terrified and overwhelmed of making the wrong choices. And the end of your marriage means the end of all of your normal routines.

As impossible as if feels to recover from your divorce, the truth is that your divorce was an end, but it can also be a beginning. With experienced guidance and support, your divorce can be your opportunity for a positive new start.