post divorce roadmap

An empowering 3-week journaling series that will dramatically shortcut your path from the post-divorce blur to an optimistic, purposeful, more confident you.

21 Daily Prompts, Pain-Point Prompts, Journaling Training + Playlist

(Valued at $149)

Private FB Group with Access to Me

(Valued at $97)

Self-Care Secret Sauce

(Valued at $59)

Phone Wallpapers + Mirror Messages

(Valued at $39)

money back guarantee

 The Self-Care Unicorn Guarantee

I am a divorcee just like you. I get that it feels risky to buy something online when you can’t see it, hold it, or smell it.

I am so confident in the Post Divorce Roadmap that I know when you buy and implement it, you’ll be stoked with the results.

That's why I'm offering a 21-day money-back guarantee. I cannot guarantee the Post Divorce Roadmap can deliver your prince (bummer, I know). BUT, I can guarantee you will appreciate the quality of the experience and the time, stress, and confusion it will save you.

Simply send us an email at [email protected] within 21 days of purchase and we’ll happily give you your money back.

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